Something spoke to you, inspired you. Something engaged with what is important to you. Something you read related to your life, which all means you felt something.

That is why you are here.

To be honest, that is why I am here too.

I started writing as Ivory Tales a little over four years ago, the idea was to separate myself from my emotions, so I could understand them in an unbiased environment; in creating Ivory I was able to express what I never felt comfortable sharing in life, the times I had been honest about my feelings and ambitions with others always left me with an impression that they shouldn’t matter, therefore, (in my mind) my purpose didn’t matter. This affected me for a long time, looking back more than I realised, it caused me to become more introverted as my confidence had been chipped away with the many years that I believed my reasons for who I was weren’t important.

Ivory gave me my ambition back as I had found a safe space to start writing again, and in the process; I regained faith in my ability, rebuilt my passion, and reformed a connection with my unique way with words once again. This mentality peaked after writing my first nonfiction book, For My Thoughts in 2017. I took the year to write without inhibitions and about whatever came to mind, it was my way of objectively reviewing the moment, so I could move on from it. As I continued on that path it started to become clear that I wasn’t just writing for me, there was an inclusivity to it, as if I was sharing these words for anyone who might have had a similar experience within their lives and also struggled with the outcome, and as I began sharing For My Thoughts I heard a sigh relief from its readers.

Our world isn’t welcoming to the deep-seated emotions that we have inside of us, anyone willing to open their hearts and believe in more than what they see can be seen as distant dreamers, disconnected from reality, and too vulnerable to be strong.

Well, not here, and not with me.

As I challenged the influences that made me feel less than I am, I now want to encourage that in others, in you. I once created a safe space for myself to be myself, and now, I want to invite you in to do the same. I have always found comfort and support in the way I write, and now, that is what I leave here for you.

We are living at time where we are rediscovering everything; we have more knowledge, yet nothing makes sense, we can reach more people, but somehow we feel even more alone, we have the world in the palm of my hands, but choose to hold our phones instead. I believe we have forgotten what is important to us because we have been distracted by everything else, and sometimes all we need is a little nudge to remind us of who we are, what we love, and what is possible, and each week that is what I want you to gain from reading what I leave here for you.

There are so many campaigns, groups, initiatives, revolts, and movements all focused on parts of life that make us want to fight, oust, and over through, and we are overworked, underappreciated, and our thought process has become negative, so, for a moment of your day, give a moment of your time to a moment of mine. I want to share positive and passionate prose that gives us hope, that allows us to feel without feeling discouraged or disbanded, and leaves us wanting to achieve more out of life because that is what we all deserve.

We all are all so wound up, what I want most of all is the create an environment where we can all wind down and start being a little kinder to each other and ourselves.

More so than ever, that is what we could all use right now.

Ms. Tales.