IVORY TALES - A writer of Nonfiction, Parable, Poetry, and Film.

After receiving a college diploma in performing arts, Ivory opted out of furthering public and private education – knowing that her nature only fought against these types of institutions, she decided to develop her craft independently. Ivory let her imagination lead, and as she continued to write her fictional stories, they began to influence her in everyday life. Where one would see risk, Ivory saw opportunity. She would continuously step out of her comfort zone; travelling to new cities alone, discovering different environments and culture, while challenging stereotypes and expectations. This journey gave Ivory the confidence to expand her writing into new styles. Everything she experienced and the emotions that came with them all found their way into her artistry, redefining her ambition in encouraging and entertaining others.


‘My art imitated life, life imitated my art.’


Now, in 2020, Ivory is bringing her work to an audience. You can find examples of her nonfiction articles at ThoughtCatalog, and she has released a special edition self-published collection of prose For My Thoughts. Also introducing a free downloadable copy of Excuse Me While I Find My Smile (helping you find relief and gain control amidst the confusions of today. And not to leave out her completed screenplays she is pitching as we speak; GUILT, PUBLIC RELATIONS, and MISTAKEN. They are all full feature female-led and character-driven stories. Introducing relatable arcs, with topical conflicts and resolves – intended for a commercial audience.

Over the past ten years, Ivory has lived a life where she put her passions first, and with her unique voice, she aims to continue her work in providing content that can make a positive and lasting impact.

I am a product not of my environment, but my passion, and that is a message I want to share through what I write, because when we live passionately, we can then start living with purpose, and with purpose on our side, anything is possible. – Ivory

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